Creating powerful ads is no rocket science. All you need to do is to follow a simple step by step method that turn a drab, mediocre ad into a powerful order-pulling masterpiece.

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This ebook provides a comprehensive overview of advertising psychology matched by a fool proof system designed to help you get the most of your ad campaigns.

What's old is new again! Learn how to rely on Radio for a consistent flow of business.

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Target Market/Demand: Business owners who would like to know which are the pros and cons of each advertising medium in order to get the best results possible.

The Best Advertising Options For Your Money!

Advertising Options gives the pros and cons of each one of the different advertising mediums such as radio, newspaper, television and magazines in a detailed way so your can decide which one will best suit your marketing needs.

Inexperience with borrowing procedures often creates resentment and bitterness.

Equip Yourself with Borrowing Fundamentals.

This ebook discusses the fundamentals of borrowing.

How often have you thumbed through a business opportunity magazine, noticed a franchise opportunity advertisement, and felt you'd really like to get in on that... If only you had the money?

Discover How to Buy a Franchise with $0.00.

The secret is in knowing how to put together a proper proposal, and to present it to the right person.

Some consultants charge $100.00 per hour. Others charge $1,500.00 per day for their services, and still others work on an annual retainer fee of $12,000.00 to over $30,000.00 per year from any number of large corporations.

Freelance Consulting Reinvented.

This ebook reveals consulting industry secrets certain to help you maximize income.

With the expansion and diversity of businesses and hobbyists into more and more specialized areas of endeavor, there is an increasing need for more information.

E-zines Are The Wave of Tomorrow.

Find out how to cash-in on digital publishing and produce digital publications that produce continuous, residual income.

Would you like to realize your goals? Maybe you'd like to run your own business, expand your material possessions, or succeed in the
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You may be in Mail Order, Direct Mail, E-Mail/E-Book Marketing, or you may be a local merchant with 150 employees; whatever the case may be you've got to know how to keep your business alive during economic recessions.

Go From Survival to Thriving in 30 Days.

This ebook provides insight to help small businesses survive in a failing economy.

Niche marketing is the process of focusing on a select and specific group of people you are advertising to. And it has everything to do
with the product you are selling.

Don't Venture... Ad-Venture!

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A Simple and Profitable System ANYONE Can Use
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Fool Proof Strategies on How to Succeed in Network Marketing and Build Your Own Cash Pipeline.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Recurring Income Explained!

Recurring Income is another term for residual income. In a nutshell, there are three (3) types of income streams that you may have coming into your business.

This ebook clearly outlines each type of income, AND the interactive section of this press ready PDF document provides readers with everything they need to reach or surpass their income goals.

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Search Engines are special sites on the Web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites.

There are differences in the ways various Search Engines work, but they all perform three basic tasks. This ebook provides invaluable insight as to how search engines work and more importantly, you will discover how to get listed on Google effortlessly.

TOP Traffic Building Strategies That Can Put Your Web Site On The High Traffics Of Internet Highway.

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Internet. Business. Profit.

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Would you like to GET PAID to write a book? If you're thinking this is plain fantasy, think again. All professional writers get paid to write their books. How? They sell their books via proposals before they write the books.

So Easy a Child Can Do It.

The ebook shows you exactly HOW to WRITE your PROPOSAL and HOW to SELL it to a publisher.

What is advertising? Is it something to be regarded as a work of beauty or art? Is it clever
slogans or amusing prose? Is it workmanship to be judged for an award or recognition? It’s none of the above.

Advertising is salesmanship multiplied.

This ebook teaches core elements of ad and copywriting until today, only known and used by professional copywriters.

If you are looking for a way to start making money on the internet, and you have a budget that is very small or zero, blogging is a great way to get

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Find Our How Web 2.0 Can Make You Rich.

This ebook sheds light on the new interactive technology that allows those in the know to capitalize on blogging.

Persuading the audience to believe your information, persuading the audience to change its beliefs persuading, the audience not only to change its beliefs, but also to act on the changes.

Discover the Secrets of Confident Public Speaking.

This ebook explains basic human psychology techniques too often overlooked certain to help you captivate your audience.