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Let me ask you an important question right away so we can get to the point faster: If you knew a Simple way to Make Money Blogging, would you Blog?

If you answered a definite Yes than You may be the right person for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Keep reading to find out how this extraordinary offer is different than any other program out there...

Let's say you already have a blog and post articles read by 5-10 people each week. Your audience is small and not growing quickly enough for your taste right? Visitors just come and go. Your mailing list is small and ineffective. Your income is insignificant. Basically your blog lacks stickiness ...and if you're Lucky, you earn a few bucks each month from all this work!

Sounds Familiar?

If this is your scenario, you're not alone! The fact is most bloggers believe if they blog, people will automatically come and their blog will grow no matter what. The reality is unprepared bloggers are headed straight for failure without knowing it.

What's different about this Blogging for a Living program is, it's not just a product; It's a complete training system backed by a 1 year mentoring & coaching program.

Even Michael Jordan, the best basketball player in history needed a coach!

Without a coach, the best player that ever played the game of Basketball admits he would have not returned to the court after being cut from his High School team. Without a mentor, who will you model your success after?

It's a fact , you will greatly benefit from an established, seasoned internet marketing coach as well. How can a coach impact your blogging career? Why not ask Arianna Huffington, the blogger who recently sold her news blog to AOL for a measly $315 Million...


AOL acquires Huffington Post for $315 Million
February 7, 2011: 8:22 AM ET

AOL, the online media company agreed to purchase the 3 year old news blog service The Huffington Post by Arianna Huffington for $315 million, the two companies announced Monday. The blog, host to over 25 Million visitors per month delivers news from various online outlets.

Press Release Link:

If you're wondering how to rapidly increase your income, this is the moment you've been waiting for. A life changing opportunity powered by a proven step-by-step system and a coaching program certain to help you reach or surpass your goals, one confident step at a time.

Are you curious to find out what kind of money a blogger can earn working 2-3 hours a day from anywhere in the world? Or didn't you already know all you need to making a living blogging is a computer, a laptop, a tablet or even a smart phone?

That's right! This program can be implemented from almost any web ready device connected to the internet, including iPhones, iPads and Android Device!

There are essentially 3 Ways to generate cash with a blog:

1. Make Money as a Professional Paid Blogger
(But there are minimum requirements and miles of red tape involved)

2. Make Money from Various Reliable Affiliate Programs
(The easiest way to make money blogging, but a very low revenue stream)

3. Make Money from Selling Your Own Products and/or Services
(The most profitable way to generate maximum revenue from your blog!)

The big question is how much money will YOU earn blogging? The answer to this question might sound a little disappointing to you since most successful bloggers don't earn thousands of dollars per day, often even the best bloggers barely break over $100 a day...


Making a living blogging is easier than you might think. What's amazing is, You can do this working ONLY about 2-3 hours a day. But this type return comes with time invested in building a successful online presence achieved through an engaging, interactive blog.

To generate $150.00 per day blogging, you will need to follow a proven strategy which will take you from an amateur level blogger to a professional blogger! To earn over $100 a day blogging, you will need a system capable of producing residual income. The basis of this results driven program relies on You investing a minimum 2-3 hours each day into your blogging business. God willing, your time investment will result in an average of $150.00/day.

Do the math... $150.00 a Day x 365 Days a Year = $54,750.00 a Year!!!

If you use Google Adsense as your affiliate program, as I have, this is what your Google Adsense account could look like:

Isn't that simply AMAZING? Google pays its affiliates once per month for the previous month's affiliate revenue generated by banner or text ads placed on web sites or shared via web based media. This means that any given month, if you average ONLY $100.00 a day in affiliate revenue, you will earn about $3,000.00 a month - That's OVER $35,000.00 a Year!

Want to see what a $3,000.00 check from Google looks like? Ahhhh! You didn't think I would actually show you the money right? Unlike other internet marketing programs that CLAIM they work, no one shows you paychecks... Until NOW!

Click the check below to enlarge it and see for yourself how generous Google can be with successful bloggers who follow a simple, proven blogging system:

Now That You Know How Much Money
You Could Be Making with Your Blog,
Take the Next Step with Confidence.

Blogging for a Living is a complete turn-key program that will help YOU achieve the results you always dreamed of!

This is possible because of EVERYTHING included in this Exclusive Blogging package:

Blogging Crash Course by Daniel St.Pierre

Blogging 5-Day Crash Course
Simple, straight forward information that will help you build your blogging business from the ground up... in only 5 Days!

  • Simple Steps to Follow
  • Designed for Beginners
  • Valued at $79.95

Product Creation eBook Reveals Simple Secret How To Create a Digital Product Instantly!

Product Creation Guru eBook
Simple 'Secret' Guru Methods For Creating Top-Selling Digital Products for your Blog.

  • Simple Methods
  • Multiple Income Stream
  • Valued at $37.00

6500 PLR Articles by Daniel St.Pierre

6,500 Private Label Articles
To help you completely eliminate writer's block, I am including this exclusive Private Label package as part of your Professional Blogging bundle!

  • Ready to Use
  • Over 1,200 Different Topics
  • Text & Word Formats
  • Valued at $650.00

6500 PLR Articles by Daniel St.Pierre

Article Buzz Software
Churn out keyword rich articles in no time thanks to this powerful, professional grade Article Rewriting software.

  • Saves you a Ton of Time
  • Use Seed Articles from Anywhere
  • User Friendly
  • Windows XP/Vista/Win 7
  • Valued at $149.00

6500 PLR Articles by Daniel St.Pierre


  • 12 Monthly Mentoring Phone Calls
    12 x 1 hour calls via Phone, Skype or Google Talk. Retails at $2,400.00
  • Ongoing Mentoring Program for 1 year
    Email & Skype Chat support for 12 months. Retails at $499.00

All the above, worth over $4,975.00
with your paid order of $2,499.00

Today 90% Off - Only $249.00.

That's Right!
You Save Over $4,500.00!!!

As you can see, this exclusive blogging program contains everything you'll need to become a successful blogger! Now, watch, listen & carefully to past and current clients, and take note of what each one is saying about this unique program...

"Everything You Need - 2 Thumbs-Up!"

"Hi there! My name is Shanna and today I wanted to give Daniel and his "Blogging for a Living" program 2 thumbs-up. I signed-up for the course and the coaching program just a little over a year ago, and I'm glad to say the program is everything you need to become a successful blogger, even if you're home schooling 2 kids, like me. If you're thinking about blogging for a living, do yourself a favor and sign-up to Daniel's blogging program today.
You'll be glad you did!"

- Shanna H. - (Red Bank, NJ) -

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"This is the best online investment I ever made.
I had doubts but you delivered. This is the first time
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I wish I had started blogging years ago…"

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"I Could Have Never Done This Without You!"

"Thank you so much Daniel! Your mentoring and coaching changes the way I looked at the internet all together. Thanks to you and the blogging program I can now instantly recognize opportunities but more importantly, I know how to monetize those opportunities. I could have never done this without you Daniel, I praise God for your work, your dedication to your clients’ success and devotion to serving Jesus Christ."
- Lynn G. (Dallas, TX) -

"Surprising Value For The Money!"

"Surprising value for the money. The information on the membership site is very well laid out and easy to use.
People should know there are other ways
to make affiliate money than Google Adwords."

- Holly F. (Baltimore, MD) -

Past and current blogging clients agree, this is the best online investment you will ever make. This program is both 100% exclusive and 100% proprietary. Materials produced for this program were custom designed to maximize user experience. Introducing multimedia as a training tool, this program provides the utmost in its use of current technology.

Did you know over 93% of Americans who consider their life a failure blame it on procrastination? Your worst enemy when it comes to blogging is... Procrastinating! One of the most important lessons you will learn about blogging for BIG profit is to Blog, period. No blog posts means no business, it's that simple!

To Blog you will need content. How about over 6,500 Private Label Rights articles?

Best of all, these are articles YOU own the rights to do anything you desire with. Claim them as your own work, publish a book, or 100 books, the articles are yours.

Use these articles on your blog and, with a new article everyday, you'll have enough content for over 20 years!

Completely Eliminate Writer's Block Thanks to Your New
Article Writing Software

Sure, with over 6,500 articles in your back pocket, you will have ample content to publish on your blog. But, you might also want to venture out in the land of the "unwritten."

This is why we include Professional Grade Article Writing Software certain to facilitate writing to a point of laughter. Why not put your computer to work for YOU for a change?

Using your new article writing software is easy. Simply go online to fetch an article discussing the topic you want to write about. Copy and Paste this article in your user friendly software then let the professional grade program rewrite the article for you... in less than 5 seconds!

The article writing software alone can be used to write THOUSANDS of articles you can either use on your blog, or sell the newly written articles for profit.

That's right! You Can Even Sell Your Newly Written Articles!

Unique articles are in high demand and this article writing software is all you need to produce an endless stream of cash flow through the production of articles.

Here is Why You Need To Take Advantage
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I can only offer Mentoring and Coaching to 10 New Clients. Once 10 New Bloggers order this exclusive package, it's GONE until I can accommodate more people (typically I re-open the offer every 3 to 6 months).

Best of all, your order comes with a 30 Days Unconditional Money Back Guarantee which comes with no strings attached. Here's my iron clad guarantee:

Your 1 Year Blogging Program
Come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Blogging Business Coaching Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you consider your "Blogging for a Living" program does not meet or surpass the benefits explained herein, simply place your request for a FULL REFUND within 30 days of your purchase.

My hope for you is that you will allow me to help you reach or surpass your blogging goals. As your internet marketing coach I will help you maximize your $$$ return on time invested, and I'll point out mistakes to avoid.

Until we Meet during our First Mentoring Phone Call,

May God pour out His blessings upon You and Yours,

Daniel St.Pierre

P.S. Sign-Up to This Exclusive Program TODAY, and start Blogging for a Living! The reduced $249.00 price you'll pay for this exclusive mentoring and coaching powered blogging program will be the best money you have ever invested in YOURSELF!

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